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Paul Dufrene has had a love for cattle as far back as he can remember. That love was cultivated by his grandfather, Harris Pierce, who had a small herd of Brahman influenced cattle dating back to the 1940's. The seeds sown back then on a small farm set the foundation for the operation he runs today.

Triple Son Farms, owned by Paul and Becky was named after their sons, T-Paul, Dustin, and Jacob. It began in the 1980's as a small herd of commercial cattle. It wasn't long before Paul realized there was a need for a specialty type market. Unable to find Brahman cross Angus in enough quantities, he undertook the task of raising his own.

Paul set aside a year in order to research the different breeds and to plan his type of herd. His research led him to N-Bar Ranch in Montana, Gardner Angus Ranch in Kansas and J.D. Hudgins Brahman Ranch in Texas, all which had excellent genetics. These three well respected names in the business became the cornerstone of the cattle of Triple Son Farms.

He now runs 800 head of registered and purebred Angus and 250 registered J.D. Hudgins Brahmans on 3500 acres of south Louisiana land. These coastal pastures average anywhere from 4 feet above sea level to 4 feet below sea level. The vast amount of grasslands accommodates 1 1-2 acres to each cow. Cattle raised in this neck of the woods easily adapt to any other climate and prosper well throughout the country.

In the past 25 years, Triple Son Farms have carved out a niche market in the Angus/Brahman F-1 cattle industry. Hard work and dedication on Paul's part have been rewarded in the sale arena. His cattle have been in invitational F-1 sales throughout Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas, including such arenas as San Antonio, Houston, and Ft. Worth. Some of the honors to his cattle include, Louisiana F-1 Brahman Association, Grand Champion, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005,2006, 2007, 2008, 2010; ABAA National Sale F-1, Sealy, Texas, Champion, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009; Houston Livestock Show, Honorable Mention, 1999, Champion, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009.

Mother nature dealt a harsh blow to southern Louisiana in the form of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Ike and Gustav. This reality and the fact that hurricanes are a continuing threat to the gulf coast sent Paul looking for higher ground. In 2010, he expanded his cattle operation to the beautiful state of Texas. Triple Son Farm, Trinity River Division, is located 15 miles west of Crockett, Texas. This ranch is now home to the registered Angus and Brahman herd, while the F-1 cattle have expanded in numbers and remain in Louisiana. Over the past three years, The F-1 crop, has for the most part, been retained by Triple Son Farms, trying to satisfy a new specialty market combining F-1 cattle crossbreeding them with Angus and Hereford. In an ever increasing attempt to add thickness, depth, and quality to the Angus genetics, stock from McKellar Angus Ranch out of Mt. Pleasant, Texas and Schaff Angus Valley from St. Anthony, North Dakota have been incorporated into the operation.

Paul has taken a love of cows passed on by his grandfather and turned it into a passion and dedication to breed some of the best F-1 cattle in the country. He has built a firm foundation of proven genetics, which stands ready to serve many more generations in the Dufrene family and in the cattle industry.

"Paul Dufrene is a loyal Gardiner Angus Ranch customer, having purchased some of the most proven genetics the GAR program has to offer. Years ago, Paul realized the value of known genetics and selected Angus as the breed to complement his predominantly Brahman commercial operation. The Gardiner Angus influence in the Dufrene F1 herd has resulted in market-ready cattle with proven added value."

- Mark Gardiner, Gardiner Angus Ranch, Ashland, KS

"Paul Dufrene at Triple Son Farms has been using J.D. Hudgins Beef-Type Brahman Bulls since there start up F1 operation. Bull selections by Triple Son Farms has been high performing bulls with lots of thick muscle, bone and body capacity. Through hard work and dedication, the operation has proven to be some of the best."

- Joe Hudgins, J.D. Hudgins, Inc., Hungerford, TX

"Paul Dufrene, of Triple Sons Farms, has consistently
selected top end bulls from McKellar Angus. His
purchases typify the true "cowman's" bull. They are well
muscled and heavy boned with big scrotums. These
bulls exhibit above breed average fertility, calving
ease, growth, maternal ability and carcass traits. They
have helped add value and marketability to an
already outstanding program known for its great
F-1 production."

- The McKellar Family, McKellar Angus, Mt. Pleasant, TX

"Paul Dufrene at Triple Son Farms has taken a progressive step forward by adding proven performance and maternal Angus genetics to his program from Schaff Angus Valley, one of the oldest and most recognized seedstock nurseries in the world. The herdsires added to his program will transmit tremendous thickness, depth, muscling and pounds, while improving both structure and phenotype. They carry the authentic SAV prefix, which is currently the most widely used herd prefix in the beef industry and carries a reputation for consistent quality and value. The herdsires selected from the SAV program represent all the fundamental characteristics that are essential to mainstream
cattlemen and will enhance the profitability of both their program and their customer base."

- Kelly Schaff, Schaff Angus Valley